September 6

VET Fashion update

The machines were running hot today with first year’s being tested on machine use, then working on their garments.

Second year collections are coming together well, with some stunning creations.

Zoe R went beyond expectations with her creative embroidery as part of her machine skills test.

Inserting the sleeve on her dress

First year Zoe is using a vintage pattern to create a wrap dress, this is her toile to check for fit.

A layered skirt, using textured chiffon.

Georgia has created a stunning faux fur jacket.

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August 29

Coming together 

First and second year VET Fashion students have been busy learning the skills behind the construction processes to create quality garments. Now those skills are coming together in the creation of their designs. 

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June 20

Big changes to VET Fashion

This year sees the next Training Package as presented by our RTO Kangan Institute. Lots of creative activities from creating your own fabric – awesome slow fashion there alone.

First Year students will complete the following units of competence:

Unit Code Unit Title
MSMWHS200 Work safely
MSS402051 Apply quality standards
MSTCL2011 Draw and interpret a basic sketch
MSTTX1001 Produce a simple textile fabric or product (2 products a fabric and a tote bag)
MSTFD2006 Use a sewing machine for fashion design
MSTCL2002 Provide hand sewing and finishing support
MSTCL2020 Lay Up uncomplicated fabrics and lays
MSTCL1001 Produce a simple garment (minimum of 2 garments)

With this interim year seeing second year students completing the above plus the following

MSTCL1001 Produce a simple garment (minimum of 3)
MSMSUP106 Work in a team
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


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September 1

VET Fashion progress

Students from around the area come over to Sandringham College on Wednesday afternoons to participate in a range of Vocational Education and Training courses, including VET Fashion. We have students from Elwood, OLSH, Mentone Girls, Kilvington and more, as well as our own students.

Currently our second year students are completing their Fashion range of garments which range from traditional evening wear, boho style designs, Victoria’s Secret style garments, and everything in between.

Our first years are finishing their modified t-shirt, and developing their skirt designs. This has given them skills in a range of machine uses, with both stretch and woven fabrics.

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June 23

OH and S in the textiles and fashion industry



Dont wear open toe shoes that put bare feet at risk. Wearing open toe shoes can be dangerous as your feet are vulnerable to becoming injured from the equipment used in the work space such as scissors, hot glue, heavy boxes, pins and more.


Ensuring all pieces of fabric scraps are placed either in the bin or in the fabric scraps box. This ensures that when everyone is working, they are working in a clean and effective workplace and also keeping the class clean.


to avoid electrocution in the work place, ensure all liquids are away from any power points and electrical equipment. Be careful when using scissors around wires and cords and turn off power at the switch.


make sure all chairs are tucked under the tables, making the envirment safer for everyone to move around it, and to avoid tripping hazards.


make sure to clean up all spills as soon as they occur to prevent slips


ensure all bags are under the table to slipping over


Make sure iron is facing upright when turned on.


ensure that your hair is tied back and you aren’t wearing loose items at the machines and iron so they don’t get caught.


Ensure that all sharp items (pins, scissors, needles, etc) are correctly stored and handled to reduce risk of cuts and other injuries while working


To reduce slipping hazards, ensure that there are no open drinks that could possibly spill


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May 5

VET Fashion 2016

Second year VET Applied Fashion students are busy designing and creating, exploring fibres, creating yarn and making fabric.


Addie’s crochet creation


Olivia’s Designs


Evie creating yarn from wool fibres.


Jess’s Designs


Yarn created by Addie on the “niddy noddy”

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October 5

2015 so far

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