June 27

SAT progress…

In Unit 3 and 4 Product Design and Technology students develop a folio of designs, and then create a product for a client. The folio development is the main focus of unit 3, with the production of the product the focus of unit 4.

Students are busy working on their garment production at the moment, and with evening, casual, sleepwear and haute couture garments being produced the textiles room is buzzing with activity.
Wade is exploring applying a print to neoprene, which will create a very structured garment.



Caitlyn is practicing the insertion of an invisible zip prior to fitting her garment on her client and adjusting the pattern to ensure a quality fit.



And Emma is creating her princess inspired gown toile (mock up) using cheaper fabric and lace than the final, to check for fit and pattern development.


They will also be coming in over the holidays to continue working on their productions.

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