August 7

Unit 2 update

The team has finished the logo designs, there is a selection of choices for the final. But the team needs to all annotate each logo for feedback. The mood board and research on the spirit hood is finished and laid out in the folio. The mind map has also been done along with the client profile and the design brief and the team profile is in development.




Sam C – guest blogger

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August 6

Unit 4 progressing on toiles and production

The year 12 students are working hard on the completion of their toiles. A toile (pronounced “twahl”) is a “mock up” of the final garment. This is done to confirm the pattern, design and shape fit the person it is being designed for. Although usually done in calico, as we have a range of fabrics being used in final productions, the toile fabrics need to reflect a similar weight or stretch.
Some students have decided to make their toile using the same fabric as their final, to give themselves extra practice working with tricky fabrics like satins and taffetas





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July 23

Complex processes

Part of the requirement for unit 3/4 sequence in Product Design and Technology is the use of a range of complex processes. Here is a video of Emily inserting boning into her vinyl corset/bodice.


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August 23

Fashion Designers

My head is going to explode I have so many ideas going on…. Today saw the introduction to the Fashion Designer assignment for the year 11s… and I have had some great ideas for next year’s unit 1 and 2

Unit 1 – redesigning a product… could be a man’s suit jacket given a new lease on life, or a la project runway style, dump a bunch of recycled clothing and let them design a new garment suitable for them to wear.
The designers sweat bullets as their creations take the catwalk. :: Full Runway Show :: The Runway :: Project Runway Australia :: Arena
I could use the Garment bag as an intro – getting to know the basics and seeing where everyone is at, showing safe use of machines and equipment

Unit 2 – Begin with getting into teams, researching a designer, and then creating a fashion range which reflects the style of the designer.

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