May 4

2012… where are you going so fast

Insanely busy times with lots of changes in the pipeline… trying to keep my head around all things tech, as well as sharing with my senior Textiles classes.
Year 12s are working on designs for their clients, Year 11s are working on their redesign of a basic t-shirt. A month and semester 1 is done.
We have had a wonderful excursion to Top Designs which I wrote up in the College blog. I will try to post more pics…

Student links

Facebook Groups: Design Tech Textiles at Sandringham    VET Fashion at Sandy


Twitter: @SandyFashion


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June 14

Textiles, Fashion and all of that fun stuff

This blog is all about what we are doing at Sandringham in VCE Textiles and VET fashion. My Name is Suz and I teach 3 of the four classes currently offered at the College, Design Technology at Year 11 and 12 and the Certificate II in VET Fashion.

I hope to post links and pics of what the students create, to share and inspire.

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