December 9

The Year in Review

This has once again been a huge year in Textiles and Fashion across all 3 campuses of the College. We hope you have been keeping up with our amazing students on both the Textiles and the College blog spaces.
This year was the first time the Alliance Classes have been run between Mentone Girls Secondary College and ourselves with Unit 1 and 2 Product Design and Technology students meeting up at the Beaumaris Campus.
Year 12 VCE and VET Applied Fashion 1st and 2nd years were at the Senior campus and 7 – 9 at Bluff Rd and Beaui.
Our VCE students once again produced quality garments and outstanding folios, and are now waiting for the final tally of the SAT, SACs and Exam with their scores coming out next week. One of the gowns was even featured in a bridal photo shoot at the Exhibition gardens!!
VET students created designer jackets, pjs, skirts and 50s inspired dresses.
The junior levels created cushions, boxers shorts, and iPad covers/pencil cases, pj sets and much more!
We certainly have a talented bunch here and look forward to you joining our online journey in 2015!
Suzanne Arnott, Jillian Marshall and Karen McVilly

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July 25

Making progess…

The VCE PDT textiles class is totally rocking…. We have some cosy pjs, casual wear garments, couture and evening dresses and even a bridal dress for a princess bride….
Let them know what you think, but please be nice!
You can see the progress from toile to final fabrics.



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June 27

SAT progress…

In Unit 3 and 4 Product Design and Technology students develop a folio of designs, and then create a product for a client. The folio development is the main focus of unit 3, with the production of the product the focus of unit 4.

Students are busy working on their garment production at the moment, and with evening, casual, sleepwear and haute couture garments being produced the textiles room is buzzing with activity.
Wade is exploring applying a print to neoprene, which will create a very structured garment.



Caitlyn is practicing the insertion of an invisible zip prior to fitting her garment on her client and adjusting the pattern to ensure a quality fit.



And Emma is creating her princess inspired gown toile (mock up) using cheaper fabric and lace than the final, to check for fit and pattern development.


They will also be coming in over the holidays to continue working on their productions.

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June 21

Year 8 Textiles

Laitone and Alex finished their cushions today, they look awesome, what do you think? Thanks to Lauren our student teacher for her creative ideas.
Mrs Arnott.

First we did a design for a monster. Then we cut them out to sew. We then started to put the colour in to it. We then cut the patterns out around the edges and then ironed them together with the sticky paper and sewed around the pieces one by one. We made a pillow to go inside and then we sewed the two pieces together then we stuffed it up then hand stitched and sealed it shut then and we put it into the cushion cover. And there was the finished product.
We think the best bit was finishing it,
Laitone and Alex




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June 11

Semester 1 wrap up

It has been a hectic 12 months, moving rooms, setting up our alliance with Mentone Girls High at the Beaumaris campus, and keeping on with our creative designs.
This semester is nearly done, with a flurry of work to finish folios and design work. Unit 3-4 students are developing their designs for clients, 1st year VET Applied Fashion students are finishing off their t-shirts and 2nd year Applied Fashion students are developing toiles for their fashion range.

DSC_0934 20140725-144236-52956230.jpg







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November 22

The final creations

Well….the small group I had in Unit 2 Product Design and Technology this year has made some fantastic pieces from donated fabric….looking at sustainability, design, and working as a team. They created a company called Indah, and here is the product range.










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November 8

Coming to an end

Production due date and we are getting some fantastic final products. We have been using fabric donated by Motto, so the cost has been minimal. Thank you so much. We hope you enjoy seeing what creative things they have produced.







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October 25

Applied Learning Awards

Last week we were invited to the Regional Applied Learning Awards. where we celebrate students who achieve wonderful outcomes in the Applied Learning areas, including VET- Vocational Education and Training.
Sandringham students were well represented in all categories. The Certificate III Applied Fashion students were invited to showcase their achievements with a display of the garments they created during the year. The feedback from all who saw their wonderful creations was extremely positive.

Congratulations to Aiofe for winning the Certificate II Applied Fashion Award, and Emily who received the Certificate III Applied Fashion Award.









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September 6

T-shirt printing team task

Our company Indah was asked to help produce the Footloose school production tee shirts. We worked as a team to print screen 60 tee shirts, each being assigned tasks such as; drying, printing, pressing and touching up. We managed to complete all 60 shirts in a two period session.
Guest blogger today has been Lulu.
The team was not sure it could be done in 2 sessions, but working as a team in every sense they managed to do what they thought impossible. Jobs covered included: layout and preparation, printing, drying, pressing, quality checker, OHS officer and despatch.








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